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Sylvie 25-07-2014
sous anxiolytique je n arrivais pas a m en débarrasser et avait tendance a en prendre plus que nécessaire des la première séance je n y ai plus toucher au boud de 2 jours je les ai jetés!! ce magnétiseur est très efficace et humain je le recommande vivement!!! Voir tous

Remote sessions

Remote individual therapy sessions, based on a photo and date of birth, are performed in the evening after work, in the office. Attached to the exact time and date, the customers lays themselves at home on a sofa in the direction of the north-south axis. During the session you can feel tingling, deep relaxation and sleepiness.
The remote session lasts 1 hour and are designed for people who cannot come in person or move to my office or to those who are abroad, because the distance in case of energy transmission doesn’t matter.

I am frequently traveling to Tibetan monasteries in India and Nepal, and this therapeutic form of transmission will be applied to people who wish to regenerate their energy potential, change the current system of thought, and also change in their physical action.

My effective distance energy transmission, I tested using scientific apparatus that have demonstrated the change in pH of water, water temperature and ionization; measured using infrared rays and which were safe from the influence of other energies in the Faraday cage. The distance between me and the person conducting the control changes the pH of water, its temperature and its ionization, was 1500 km. This confirmed the theory that the distance during the energy transmission is not important.